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Alastaro is located about 65 km east of Turku. The 3000 m long race track was in its present route completed in 2009 and is a very successful combination of fast, sweeping corners and long straights.

The track is, among other things, host of EC Drag Race, RR Scandinavian Open and NEZ Racing Championship.

Track info
Year built: 2009
Length: 2999 m
Course Record: 1:11:437, Andrea Belicchi, Lukoil F3 Racing, 2003.


09:00 The team welcomes the guests in the pit. Review of current programs, and changing in to driving equipment.
09:30 "Walk the track" with your own cars together with the instructor to learn brake points, turn in and apex, etc.
10:00 Theory with professional instructor.
10:30 Instructions on the Formula Renault cars.
13.00 Lunch.
14:00 Instructions for Formula 1 driving.
18:00 Evaluation of the day and the distribution of the F1 certificate to today's guests

We have all the necessary safety equipment such as suit / helmet etc, but if you wish to use your own, you're welcome. The day includes lunch / coffee, and the day ends with the distribution of the F1 certificate.

PACKAGE Alastaro

Drive yourself packages.
You arrange your own travel to / from Alastaro.

Package includes:
- 1 x 5 laps Formula 1.
- 1 x 15 minutes with Formula Renault.
- Rental of track, fuel, instruction, loan of equipment, overalls, helmets etc.
- Personal insurance, F1 certificate and lunch.

PRICE: 14.900 SEK (VAT free)

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